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Our history

The LEGGIO Impianti company was founded in 70’s by mr Salvatore LEGGIO. The area where we work is construction industry, particularly civil and industrial plants. Entrepreneurship with professionalism are extremely important for mr Salvatore Leggio that he was to transfer this value to their children. Today, the company has archieved a significant degree of structural maturity and market, to enable the evolution of the internal dynamics, and future prospects trought a continuity action. The LEGGIO Impianti’s trenghts are professionalism and punctuality, ethical imperative that has led the company hight rankings on the national market.


For many years the LEGGIO Impianti company has been operating in this highly competitive industry, so therefore you have to distinguish themselves by applying the “time to market”. Training, innovating, and researching are very important for our company that invests continuously in order to offer produtct/services with hight technological content and low envinmental impact.

Dreams are like stars for sailors, we never reach but are used to trace the path.


Planning, design, works management, estimation, testing, environmental impact assessment of technological systems, plants for the production and transformation of energy, industrial plants, remote control that allows constant monitoring of the functioning of lighting points Technological modernization, standardization, light points replacement with latest generation LED lamps Works in the gallery Photovoltaic systems

Background & Portfolio

Portfolio our work covers the following kinds of products/services that have enabled us to develop our know-how: electrical panels, special systems, civil and industrial plant, waterworks, servers, building, lighting, data, renewable energy, energy efficiency (allows for improve and optimize the energy performance of buildings, roads and highways, decreasing the environmental impact proportionally with increasing energy efficiency. The higher the able to exploit energy, the lower its impact in terms of pollution will be atmospheric), Green solutions etc. We operate in the civil and industrial plant sector since the 70s. The background of the our company is the continuous research of highly technological and innovative solutions making available its specialized knowledge to face the challenges of a evolving and environmentally friendly market.


Leggio Impianti, with a view to corporate growth in qualitative and quantitative terms, is accredited to constitute an E.S.CO (ENERGY - SERVICE COMPANY) and recognized by the SGE. In accordance with the objectives of the Kyoto protocol, the company operates through energy efficiency and generation actions distributed and exploitation of renewable energy to reduce energy consumption and reduce climate change emissions in atmosphere.

Project financing

Project finance is a new way of conceiving financial architecture. Through this innovative tool yes establishes a public-private synergy that allows the implementation of public works or public utilities. Therefore our company, through a policy of territorial relations, has intended to propose projects of public utility to local administrations capable of autonomously generating revenues, effectiveness and innovation while also providing a new way of find financial funds.